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2010-12-15: Metallica... wow... really?

So I get the following email from this poor guy that made a font that Metallica thinks infringes on it's copyright.

I'm Ray Larabie, the creator the the "Pastor of Muppets" font hosted on your free fonts site. Today, I received a cease & decist letter from a law firm representing Metallica. They're suggesting that my Pastor of Muppets font is a violation of their trademark. I don't agree with that but I'd like to avoid a legal battle over a font that, frankly isn't very good anyway. Please remove "Pastor of Muppets" and the alternate version if you have it "Pastor of Muppets Flipped". You are free to mention on your site the reason the font was removed. Please email me (typodermic@gmail.com) when you've removed the font as I need to maintain a list of sites which have been notified. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
All the best,

Ray Larabie

Way to go Metallica. You're about as cool as a toe fungus. If you really think that a font is going to take away money from your beer fund then you guys are pathetic losers.

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